Rice combo

  • £15.95

    Duck Tammarind

    Crispy roasted duck in a homemade sweet tamarind sauce and jasmine rice. Topped with fried onion & sesame seeds.

  • £12.95

    Khao Mun Gai Tod

    Fried chicken strip marinated with coconut milk then roll into breadcrumbs, served with coconut rice and sweet chilli dip.

  • £15.95

    Choo Chee Seabass with jasmine

    Fish Lover!! Fried batter seabass on a bed of seasonal vegetable with red creamy palm sugar sauce, chilli and basil.

  • £14.95

    Pineapple fried rice 8

    Popular dish with king prawns, pineapple, cashew nut, pepper, raisins, onions, and a touch of turneric powder.

  • £12.45

    Crispy chicken fried rice

    Bangkok flavoured prawns fried rice with onion, tomates and egg.

  • £12.45



  • £7.60

    Satay Chicken

    Classic dish of chicken bamboo skewers. Served with peanut sauce, cooling pickled cucumber relish.

  • £7.55

    Fried spicy calamari

    Calamari in chilli flake, salt, pepper with tartare dip & lemon.

  • £7.95

    Honey pork

    Strips of honey marinated pork, deep fried then sprinkled with sesame seeds.  Served with chilli dip.

  • £8.45

    Short bone BBQ

    Succulent spare pork ribs marinated with Asian BBQ dip.

  • £8.00

    Prawn Tempura

    Jumbo prawns fried with tail and seasonal vegetables in light batter and served with sweet chilli dip.

  • £6.95

    Steam dim sum

    Assorted prawns and pork dim sum steamed and top with fried onion, coriander served with sweet soy sauce.

  • £6.95

    Prawns shot

    Steamed prawns in palm sugar, chilli and lime sauce finished with garlic sliced and mint.

  • £16.50


    INC: Crispy (chicken & prawns) Wonton, Chicken Satay (n), Honey Pork, Spicy Calamari

  • £17.90

    Kob Khun

    INC: Gai yor tod , Veggie Spring Roll, Crispy (chicken & prawns) Wonton, Prawns Tempura.

  • £3.00

    Prawns cracker

    The unmissable Thai shrimp chips!! 

  • £7.20

    Chicken kyoza

    Consist of mince chicken and vegetable filling wrapped into rolls piece of dough and served with sweet dark soy sauce.

  • £8.25

    Som Tum

    Thai speciality. Authentic Thai salad, shreded young swede, tomatoes, fine bean, roasted nuts, lime, chilli and palm sugar.

  • £5.25

    Gai yor tod BAOBUN (N)

    Bao bun with gai yor tod  tempura and nutty brown sauce

  • £5.25

    Chicken satay BAOBUN (N)

    Chicken satay Bao bun with peanuts sauce and veg pickle

  • £5.25

    Aubergine and courgettes BAOBUN

    Pan fried Aubergine and courgett Bao bun with chilli mayo.


  • £7.95

    Chicken Summer Rolls


  • £4.50

    Edammane beans

    Steamed green soybeans tossed in rock salt.

  • £7.50

    VEG TomYum

    Creamy spicy soup with vebetables, mushrooms, lemongrass, galangal, fresh chilli, coriander and lime leaves.

  • £7.00

    Veggie Spring Roll

    Always a favourite! Traditionally tasty and served with sweet chilli sauce.

  • £12.00

    Bangkok TOFU

    Tofu and Mixed Veg sizzled with egg, wide rice noodle, leafy green, broccoli, carrot ,dark soy sauce.

  • £11.25

    Thai Green Tofu and Veg

    Made with young green chilli and selected Thai herbs. Tofu and vegetables simmered in coconut milk with courgett ,fine beans , basil.

  • £10.00

    Pad Pak Tofu

    Tofu cooked with mixed seasonal vegetables and ginger with light soy sauce.

  • £11.75


    Made with Turmeric, star anise, cinnamon, Tofu and mixed vegetables,potatoes, onions and cashew nuts.

  • £12.00

    Zab Tofu

    Khao San Road style vermicelli noodle stir fried with tofu and vegetables,egg, onion, pepper, bean sprout, a hit of turmeric powder, chilli flake and squeezed lime. Dilicious!!


  • £7.50

    Tom Yum Chicken

    Light creamy spicy soup with chicken, mushrooms, lemongrass, galangal, fresh chilli, coriander and lime leaves.

  • £8.20

    Tom Yum Pr

    Light creamy spicy soup with prawns, mushrooms, lemongrass, galangal, fresh chilli, coriander and lime leaves.

  • £8.90

    Poh Tak Seafood

    Clear hot & sour seafood (squid/ prawns/ seabass) soup flavored with lemongrass, galangal, fresh chilli, mushroom and basil.


  • £12.00


    A renowed curry made from fresh young green chillies and selected Thai herbs. Chicken breast simmered in coconut milk with courgettes and fine bean garnished with basil & chillies.

  • £12.95


    Tender beef sliced cooked with red roasted chilli paste in coconut milk with bamboo shoot, chilli and basil.

  • £13.95

    Panang Prawn Curry

    Bringing you the original Panang recipe from Ayutthaya.  King prawns are slowly cooked in a rich curry sauce with coconut milk, fine bean, chilli and lime leaves.

  • £12.00

    Massaman Chicken Curry (N)

    Often ranked No.1 as the most delicious dish! made with turmeric, star anise, cinnamon, potatoes, onion and cashew nuts. One of the favorite dishes of the Thai Royal Family.

  • £17.95

    Lamb Shank

    Slow cooked to perfection lamb shank with nutmeg, sweet spices, cinnamon served on the side with potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and cashew nuts.


  • £12.50

    Beef Basil

    A top 5 Thai food known as Pad Kra Pao.  Tender beef slices wok fried with onion, fine bean, chilli and basil leaves.

  • £11.50

    Chicken Ginger

    Slices of chicken breast with fresh ginger, mushroom, spring onion, carrot and soy bean paste.

  • £12.50


    Quick wok fry with deep fried chicken, onion pepper, dried chili, nushroom, cashew nuts in a roasted chilli sauce. Yum!!

  • £12.75

    Garlicky prawns

    Big juicy plump buffer flied king prawns in garlic & pepper sauce, onions, peppers.

  • £12.50

    Garlicky beef

    Juicy beef slices in garlic & pepper sauce on a green leafy salad. 

  • £13.45

    PRAWNS Cashew nuts

    Quick wok fry with deep fried prawns, onion pepper, dried chili, nushroom, cashew nuts in a roasted chilli sauce. Yum!!


  • £3.15

    Jasmine rice

  • £3.45

    rice sticky

  • £3.25


  • £3.95

    Coconut Rice

  • £3.95

    Rice vermicelli

    With beansprouts, crispy garlic and soy sauce.

  • £3.10

    Prawn cracker

    The unmissable spicy Thai shrimp chips!! 

  • £3.95


    Fries top with hoisin and chilli sauce crispy fried onion, spring onions and coriander.


  • £5.50

    Kid fried Chicken

  • £5.50

    Kid Honey pork

  • £5.50

    Kid Fried rice with crispy chicken

  • £5.50

    Katsu chicken curry with jasmine